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Wednesday, February 20th 2019

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We work with many clients who request the ability to be able to update their own site content. There are a number of ways of doing this and our approach will depend on the clients needs. We can and have built bespoke content management systems (CMS) but our preferred choice is to use the open source Joomla CMS. It covers most needs of most clients but with the addition of various modules and bespoke code development, can be made to do almost anything. The benefit to our clients is that your fees go towards the design and content development rather than coding.

joomla templayes Agentcite, Trident Business, Delta Security, RCSS, Themediapractice

Joomla template design
Joomla allows us to create site templates that sit on top of a known infrastructure. As you can see from the screenshots, no two sites need look the same and clients get the benefit of shorter development timescales. We also create Joomla templates and provide development services to other creative studios and marketing agencies. If you already have a Joomla or Mambo server configured we can provide updates, maintenance and Joomla template development services.

Clients: Delta Security, Redbridge Carers Support Services charity, Agentcite, Trident Business Services