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Wednesday, February 20th 2019

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What are we up to at the moment?

August 09
Normally August is one of those months when the clients all go away and not a lot gets done. Not this one. We've been pedal to the metal right through on a couple of interesting projects. One, an intranet development we can't show here, but the other we can and should shout about. Check out LocalSkillSwap. From client brief to launch took five months. We were responsible for fleshing out an original idea, interactive design, user interface design and the complete software development. To manage the whole site there is an admin and reporting console. Visit the site and if you're interested, get involved.

May 09
Throughout this month we're working on two major projects, both of which are complete custom developments.

The first, a social and collaborative networking website enters the development phase this month. With a tight deadline we're due to launch in June. 

The second has been a much larger project. We've been working on this from initial thoughts to consulting, scoping, interactive design and now development for nearly two years. Look out for this legal services website coming soon. We aim to launch in the very near future, as you can imagine there are a lot of I's to dot and T's to cross. More about this one soon ... ;o)

April 09
Site re-launch. has been relaunched! After nearly three years - we haven't changed the website since we launched - we decided to revamp it to make it easier to manager. So here it is. Looking very similar in tone to the old one, but a completely new design based on a CMS package we work with and some snazzy custom javascript on the homepage. Delivered on Joomla with custom html/javascript

We were commissioned by and we completed a small website for the very nice people at Workform Limited. Delivered using html/javascript

Feb 09
We designed, developed and launched our own targeted business services website in February of this year. We'll be putting updates online as they are developed and doing a marketing push in the near future. Completey custom code.

Also in February we launched a website for clients Delta Security based on a Joomla CMS so they have full control of the updates.

Dec 08 - Feb 09
We were commissioned to develop a white-label user interface for an online company enabling them to provide brand enabled, online functionality to their ISP clients. We helped analyse and evolved the user sign-up process, developed the bare bones browser code structure and delivered three drop-in stylesheet implementations. Delivered utilising html/css/javascrip



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